Wynonna Earp Fic


Ok, so I’ve recently become quite addicted to Wynonna Earp and of course the only way I deal with such addictions is with the words that pour out of my brain.


Wayhaught Fic – Waveryly Earp & Nicole Haught

Like A BoomerangWords:44,221 – Chaptered (Collab with Jaybear1701)

Months have passed since the S1 finale and a recently rescued Waverly struggles to come to terms with the horror she’s inflicted while possessed. The team must band together to stop a mysterious revenant while Nicole and Waverly try to repair the bond that’s barely keeping them together.

Haught-Damn – After the events of 1.10, Waverly needs to vent about the recent turn of events and wakes Nicole up.

Theres Someone in My Bed – Waverly and Doc Holiday have a heart to heart about her relationship with Nicole. Takes place during episode 10

Match Point Words: 3,749 – 2-Part

Olympic!Wayhaught AU. Just a little blurb.

Corner Pocket – Words: 827

Strip pool fic from a prompt on Tumblr

Welcome To Purgatory – Words: 1,987

Nicole Haught is brand new to Purgatory and quickly learning who she wants to see more of, and who she doesn’t.

I’m Yours – Words: 1,172

This takes place right before the barn scene in episode 12.