Rest in Peace B-Train

Let me just say that I don’t recap things and this isn’t necessarily a recap so much as my own ramble of thoughts that occurred after watching episode three including random digressions and possible associative train thoughts. I’m not going to revisit every scene of the episode, but more general situations. I’m writing this having missed out on reading all the recaps because I wanted to be somewhat unbiased during this so THE SACRIFICE!!!


Also before I start talking about the episode, I want you to know that I do not avoid spoilers. I drink them in like a lifeforce that sustains me. Trailers, BTS, photos, I need it all. I have no willpower in avoiding any of it. So when the season trailer was released with cheerleader Waverly, my heart did a little dance. Even if it’s not your thing, in Nicole’s words, Waverly cheering is everybody’s thing.


Not like I spent years as a Brittana fan or anything.

The cheer-way has been paved



When Emily Andras mentioned that we should not miss the opening scene of 2×3, I don’t know what I was expecting. Some cute Wayhaught morning after scene ala Sanvers or a scintillating, in-the-moment scene ala Lost Girl 3×4?


Let me say that I was not expecting, from the split second clip of the trailer, to see a full minute of Dom’s dancing ability on display. Kudos to whoever edited this scene because it slowed down in ALL the right places. And yes I was Nicole, standing there dumbfounded and amazed, unable to say anything except “Wow.”

Same, Nicole. Same.

*insert Nicole’s subtle jealousy here about this dance being possibly for the entire town to see yet not being a controlling prick* I love it.


This scene is the perfect example of why female showrunners are important. There’s something about a lovely tease that can be miles better than gratuitous nudity. Not to mention the adorable scene with Waverly expressing just where we the fans want Nicole’s hands. And after last week, I have to say Nicole must be TOP SHELF behind bedroom doors because Waverly’s thirst went from zero to hero faster than a group of singing Disney muses could hum the opening bars to an ear-catching diddy.

Who you think you kidding? She’s the Earth and Heaven to ya…

Queue Wayhaught’s unwavering ability to be interrupted. Look. If you’re going to have a pantiless cheer session for your girlfriend, find somewhere private cause that’s just good roommate behavior. It’s best that Nicole exits scene right to avoid mega awkwardness,  getting those Bi-FingerGuns (circa Sarah Lance) and a wink from Waverly.


Alright so, upon her entrance, you notice (probably on your third watch through because of cheerleading Waverly) Wynonna is happily stroking the barrel of Peacemaker and we get the first borderline Gooverly moment of the episode.  We learned in the previous two episodes that not only does she enjoy eating random shit (and not so random deputies), she’s got a hardcore case of shiny object syndrome so of course she starts to eye up Wynonna’s now polished disco stick.  


Plot twist.


Peacemaker does not find Gooverly offensive. This means 1 of 2 things. Ok it’s 1 of a million possible things but after much thought, I’ve narrowed it down to 2 possibilities.


  1. Gooverly is not evil. So far she hasn’t really done anything overly malicious, except perhaps going back to bed with Nicole after her McSpidey sandwich.  She protected Jeremy in the lab in 2×1. Even keeping Dolls prisoner could be a red herring scene to make her seem evil when really she’s protecting him. And really,  who wouldn’t attack Tucker the town perv? Yes she eats random shit,  but despite it being disgusting, it’s far from evil. Just cause a girl’s eyes leak smoke…
  2.  Peacemaker is sentient, playing off Wynonna’s emotions and is an extension of her own decisions/thoughts. This in turn plays off of 1×13 — why is the barrel blue when she shoots Willa? So… brainfood I guess for later in the season.


Now, I write a lot of fanfic, which is why I care so much about the exposition bomb that this episode is. We learn that Waverly was head cheerleader and prom queen. We learn that both she and Nicole were top of their respective classes and that Nicole is from the big city where she was recruited by Nedley. Also we learn that Wynonna was institutionalized at 14. Yes we know that she was but as a fic writer, I like exact canon details so thank you.


Insert monster of the week: Scarecrow Djinn…thingy. It and its storyline were ok but the least interesting thing of the week.  Sorry B-train.

I’ll miss you least of all Marzipan

I want to say that I adore the storyline for Nicole. It’s easy to forget that she’s new to the small town and this episode brings that all to the surface. As someone who moved from a city to a small town, I feel you Nicole. I feel you.


She’s fearless in this episode, not backing down from her convictions whether it’s with town perv Tucker, her boss Nedley, or even Waverly herself. Black Badge was just in her reach and we saw that dazzling smile in 1×13 when she was promoted, but season two had been less than kind to her. Not only is Nicole being left in the dark about all things Black Badge, but from her point of view, Nicole’s nose is being rubbed in it via Nedley+Wynonna super secret team whispering and Wynonna’s nonchalance about scene integrity. No, donuts are for breakfast and wakes, not emergency response.

You may like donuts but Waves likes my ginger candy


Also I’m adding “Tomato, Potato” to my list of things to randomly say in life. That and “flaming ladybug.”


Nicole negotiating for a new uniform while Nedley is telling her he’s grooming her to be sheriff is A+.  I love this path for her because while Wynonna is saving Purgatory from demonic baddies, Nicole is protecting Purgatory from itself. All while sporting a new uniform with a quarter-zip,  sans khakis.


I’m not really gonna talk about Doc short of I’m  glad he’s getting a hat next week.  Also  Doc owns Shorty’s. Shorty’s is still called Shorty’s. He’s making Dolls’s drugs in the basement thanks to Rosita who I’m not exactly sure how they are connected, but I like her. I love Doc but so much else happened in this episode.

His head is so naked

Insert Asian guy that everyone figured was going to die. I seriously thought he was going to kick it. Even with the bloody rabbit scene my first thought was RED HERRING (get used to this saying because after years of Criminal Minds and Law & Order,  I’m suspicious of so many things). He’s there to make you think he’s the bad guy but no way.  That’s what happens right? Either the POC dies or is the bad guy, right? So let’s hear it for breaking the tropes!

That is so not Vegan.

Speaking of tropes. This episode has a mission and it was destroying all things wrong with the world. From “boys will be boys” to Mr. White Male Privilege Personification Tucker,  and don’t think I missed that “Nasty Woman” shout out. Slow clap for the not so subtle barbs. I’m living because of this episode.

Not cool, Tucker. Not cool at all.

Sorry I warned you my thoughts are all over the place. Ok let’s talk about Waverly. Waverly is looking fine this season, and I’m not sure if that’s all Gooverly or the development of Wayhaught. Waverly’s biggest character flaw is that she’s a chameleon.  She changes her stripes depending on who she’s around and with — no doubt the result of being an Earp in a small town, but I thought we had this resolved in season one when she broke up with Chump.


Which, how old is Champ anyway? He was in high school with both Wynonna and Waverly so either 23 or 24ish? Sorry that’s fanfic detail ramblings.


It looks like old habits die hard.  We see Waverly starting to pick up these unflattering issues again. She’s with Nicole now who at least respects her,  but Waverly is so ready to cast everything aside to devote 100% to Nicole and she’s got the torch ready to burn bridges with anyone standing in her way,  including Wynonna. Baby girl is just a Tammy Wynette girl living in a Joan Jett world.

Tammy Wynette would be proud, Waves.

Wynonna is having none of that. She’s quick to rip that tired and overplayed single of Stand By Your Man off the record player of Waverly’s mentality and remind her that she can’t let herself forget who she is. That she’s an Earp dammit! (Only she might not be, right?)


Wynonna didn’t have as bad a day as Nicole did, but she’s far from having a good day.  Nothing makes someone feel older than a reunion,  except of course a bunch of high schoolers calling you mom… not to mention everyone seems to want to keep her liquored up. Can a girl not get a day to clear her mind especially since she’s feeling guilty about missing the hellmouth opening up in 2×2.


Extra sensitive Wynonna seems to be lashing out at everyone.  Dolls abandoned her.  Doc is abandoning her for Rosita, Waverly is abandoning her for Nicole. It’s just her and peacemaker and by the end of the episode, she is feeling awfully broken.  Emily needs to really stop forcing us to see Melanie doing that sad thing with her face cause it’s wrecking us all worse than Miley Cyrus on a swinging steel ball.

Staaahp with your face

This episode is so fantastic and I can never get enough slow motion scenes of Melanie Scrofano walking and flipping people off. I love all the conflict. I love the ridiculous cute scenes and unending one-liners.  


I loved Mercedes and now I’m worried, especially since Beth probably opened the hellmouth and is now unmonitored.  I’m worried about the fallout when Waverly finds out about her less than pure  shenanigans. I’m worried Wynonna is going to blame herself for not being able to protect/detect Waverly.


I don’t know what’s going to happen and I love it.


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