Orphan Black Fanfic

Ok, So I spent a better part of the last 3 years writing fic for cophine and I had a bit of a break maybe… but I pulled everything down off of AO3. After several messages, I decided to create this page so that people who want to read them still can. Some are PDFs and some are HTML. I didn’t bother clearing out the links in them so they don’t really go anywhere. LOL.frenchLeather

French Leather – Sarah Manning & Delphine Cormier

You and Me and the Bottle – Words: 4209 – Chaptered

Delphine and Sarah share a drink while lamenting over Delphine’s place in the clones’ lives, but is that all that they share?


Vintage Bordeaux – Delphine Cormier & Marion Bowles

Just Another Thursday –  Words: 2241 – One Shot

Delphine comes home to find a special visitor. PWP


Cophine Fic – Cosima Niehaus & Delphine Cormier

– Words: 51,138 – Chaptered

Cosima is the sexual deviant of Venice known as Cosanova. Delphine is a French girl betrothed to another. What happens when their paths cross?

Village Secrets – Words: 40,824 – Chaptered

Delphine, having trained as a figure skater all her life meets an American snowboarder when she is accidentally given a room in the wrong Olympic Village.

At a Distance (Sequel to Village Secrets) – Words: 46,102 – Chaptered

Things have settled down quite nicely. Delphine is getting used to her new life in America and Cosima is getting used to her new life out of the spotlight and just being a normal college student…or are they? Conflicting schedules and longing hearts put major kinks into this Olympic duo.

It Takes a Village – Words: 1027 – One Shot

Ok so… sometimes I like to randomly sit here and waste a thousand words… and maybe low key write a mini fic about VillageSecrets!Cophine placed 15 years later. So… while I have no intention of writing a pt 3… enjoy

Fall into Me – Words: 47,146 – Chaptered

Cosima crash lands on Earth. Delphine, hidden away in self-imposed solitude comes across the crash and nurses the visitor back to health. Alien Cophine AU.

Cophine One-Shots – Words: 19,692 – One Shot Collection

Cophine one-shots inspired by the Cophinefluffathon going forward. These will all be around the 1k words variety so quick to read.

The Stroke of Midnight – Words: 1127 – One Shot

Cophine right after 3×8 but ignoring anything that’s in the promo.

A First Time for Everything – Words: 4184 – One Shot

Delphine makes ramen for the first time! And really this has nothing to do about ramen.

Times Supposed to Heal – Words: 6413 – Chaptered

Cosima has been coping with the death of Delphine for two years when a sudden news break brings out a call from an unexpected source.

What Happens In Vegas – Words: 16,988 – Chaptered

Cosima gets dragged to Vegas with her sisters in hopes of getting over a bad breakup.

What A Wicked Game To Play – Words: 13,015 – Chaptered

Delphine is the daughter of a Record producer gets trapped in the spell of a small band in San Francisco.

The Santa Clause – Words: 12810 – Chaptered

When a tragic accident pulls Delphine into a world of magic and mystery, she finds her world turned upside down, bound to a contract she never wanted, but suddenly couldn’t find herself abandoning. lol. ok so it’s a christmas fic based on the movie The Santa Clause.

Christmas – Words: 248 – One Shot

Night before Christmas, Clone style

New Traditions – Words: 698 – One Shot

Cosima is too impatient to wait for Christmas

A Matter of Time – Words: 11,279  – Chaptered

Delphine walks in on Cosima building a strange device in the lab. An error in the code, or maybe in the construction, lands our favorite pair back in the past where they meet some do-gooders that will help them find their way. There is a season 3 spoiler regarding cophine so this is the warning.

A Woman Like That – Words: 6,311 – Chaptered

Cosima’s in love with her best friend’s girlfriend. Insert cliche double pining and some heartfelt confessions in the rain ala nicholas sparks. Yeah I hate summaries.

Across the University – Words: 8,574 – Chaptered

Delphine is up late studying during Spring Break and when her door bursts open, she’s met with a memory from the past that she thought she’d forgotten.

Bite Me – Words: 29,517  – Chaptered

Cosima is a morgue technician person whatever they’re called. Bodies are dropping outside a club owned by a mysterious French blonde. Smut ensues.

Come Back to Me – Words: 2093 – One Shot

Back from Frankfurt, Delphine has to cope with her actions and decisions.

Come What May – Words: 7,805 – Chaptered

3 years after Helena has burned DYAD to the ground, Cosima and Delphine are married and living happily together, ready to start a new adventure.

Dying to Touch You – Words: 17,799 – Chaptered

Delphine is an angel, tasked with ushering souls to heaven. When Cosima loses a patient, upon ushering the soul, Delphine finds Cosima looking her straight in the eye…or does she? With the rules and restrictions of heaven and Earth between them, is Delphine willing to fall for the surgeon…literally?

Probably Cleaner – Words: 532 – One Shot

Teenage cophine

Where else would I go – Words: 1024 – One Shot

Post Season 2 angst bomb

You have 1 New Message – Words: 965 – One Shot

Post 3×5. This is a reaction piece to s3 so far

Extra Credit – Words: 605 – One Shot

Imagine a world in which Delphine is Cosima’s professor and has some heated words to say in dispute of a lower grade.

Make Me Reckless – Words: 6,774 – Chaptered

It’s been ten years since Cosima last heard from her high school girlfriend, but little does she know that’s about to change when she attends the wedding of her high school best friend and an unexpected guest arrives. (hahah yeah that sounds so vague when you all know what’s going down). Inspired by Adele’s When We Were Young.

Just Visiting – Words: 18,579 – Chaptered

Post Season 1 fic. Cosima takes Delphine home with her to San Francisco

Option Three – Words: 1,209 – One Shot

Season 2 fic, fighting cophine

Secrets – Words: 1747 – One Shot

Sarah and Cosima have a heart to heart about the status of Cophine

Shark Week – Words: 2,740 – Chaptered

Domestic cophine

Stay With Me – Words: 714 – One Shot

So I heard a really great version of “Stay With Me” by Florence and the Machine this morning and it got my brain thinking. Yay for music being inspirational.

Sunday Dinner – Words: 359 – One Shot

Sunday Dinner with the clones at Alison’s

Stroke Of Midnight – Words: 1,127 – One Shot

Season 3 fix it fic, Cosima and Delphine

Tall Cup of Coffee – Words: 6952 – Chaptered

Cosima takes Kira to the mall and runs into a blast from the past

Thanks For Setting the Alarm – Words: 1,282 – One Shot

Weird events lead to proof of fate

Thirsty – Words: 1,120 – One Shot

Delphine misinterprets the definition of a word

Distractions – Words: 1,250 – One Shot

Delphine is bored while Cosima is studying

Residual Feelings – Words: 5683 – Chaptered

While on a break from school, Cosima runs into a mysterious blonde at the bed & breakfast she’s staying at.

Who Do You Love – Words: 2979 – One Shot

This takes place after 03×06. Cosima wakes up in the middle of the night and needs solitude, but what she finds is what she really needs.

Hey Here Delilah – Words: 332 – One Shot

Domestic fluff.

The Doughnut – Words: 556 – One Shot


Waking Up – Words: 568 – One Shot


Halloween – Words: 1,239 – Chaptered

Halloween Cophine

In Our Genes – Words: 1,143 – One-Shot

Just random discussion about sexuality

Flashlight Egg Hunt – Words: 1,506 – One Shot

Easter fic with a bunch of clones and partners

Homework And Coffee – Words: 466 – One Shot

Some in cognito cophine texting

Marked For Life – Words: 849 – One Shot

Some Tattoo possibilities

Cigarettes And Apples – Words: 960 – One Shot

I went a little different than I normally do…this takes place months down the road. No illness, DYAD is kept at bay, and there’s just some introspective on behalf of Cosima.

Perfect – Words: 879 – One Shot

Cophine get a dog

Potluck – Words: 943 – One Shot

The family tries to make a sick Cosima feel better

Saturdays are for Us – Words: 1320 – One Shot

Just some cannonish cophine a little bit down the way with Cosima on the mend.

Tap Click – Words: 333 – One Shot

Cophine trying to work together

Unexpected Answers – Words: 292 – One Shot

Random Cophine Discussion

Mental Checklist – Words: 443 – One Shot

Cosima on the mend.

Pious Tendancies – Words: 523 – One Shot

Cosima is high as shit

Time For A Nap  Words: 434 – One Shot

Sick Cosima

Spartan Living – Words: 864 – One Shot

Delphine takes Cosima to her home near DYAD for the first time.


Soccer Cop – Alison Hendrix & Beth Childs

Damn My Sister – Words: 768 – One Shot

Alison’s perspective, meeting Beth