To Wallow or not to wallow…

I go to a lot of conventions,  probably more than is wise for someone who’s toeing the poverty line every week,  deciding between paying bills and buying food at times.

Last year was the first time I went to Wondercon,  and it was moderately enjoyable yet I found myself not impressed by it so when I was figuring my con budget this year,  I decided this year was the year I would finally go to dragoncon.  

Now,  flying to Atlanta and paying outrageous prices for a hotel meant something had to give.  So I decided,  why go to wondercon again? 

Wynonna earp.  That is why I would want to go again,  but alas the decision had already been made before I could realise this was the first American con that wynonna earp would be at without me. To say I’m sad is an understatement.  I’ve never felt such irrational jealousy since Evelyne Brochu was at wondercon 2 years ago.  

The only upside is that today,  Wynonna Earp hits Netflix.  It’s a tremendous strive for the show and fandom, but I’ve also owned the season on Amazon for a while.  I’ve been recommending this show to people for a year now and I’m afraid I’ve built it up in people’s minds to the extent there might possibly be disappointment somewhere.  

I have faith in the show.  It is fantastic but it’s also a genre show which some people just don’t appreciate.  

It’s possible in also just nervous due to my ever present anxiety issues.  

Anyway,  yes,  I’m saddened about not being at wondercon, but I’m excited more people will be able to watch wynonna earp.?

Ok so I started this blog before the season 2 trailer came out and I legitimately have nothing to wallow about. 

I’m leaving everything above because it’s proof of the power Wynonna Earp has to improve my mood. 

I was finding myself getting deeper into a horrible downward spiral but the trailer has breathed new life into me so… I’m going to need a moment… or a day to collect myself. 

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