Title: Shark Week
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Author: OTP324B21
Language: English, Rating: Rated: K
Genre: General
Published: 08-30-13, Updated: 07-14-15
Chapters: 3, Words: 2,740

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Just some random ramblings going on in my brain

"What are you watching?" Delphine set her bag down on the unoccupied end of the couch and settled beside the brunette who was wrapped in a rather large and colorfully knit blanket.

The smaller woman sniffled but barely moved. "Shark week."

The blonde's brow furrowed as she watched the men on screen dumping bloody chunks into the ocean. "Shark week? Is this a documentary?" She cringed at the man who jumped into the water, protected only by a metal cage as sharks began to gather in the area.

Reaching for the remote and pausing it, Cosima pushed back the blanket and sat up, staring at the blonde.

Taking advantage of her sitting up, Delphine reached up to feel her forehead, frowning at the fever that was still prominent. It had been a little over a year since they managed to find a cure for the respiratory illness the woman suffered from but it didn't stop her from worrying every time the woman got a cold or in this instance the flu. "Are you feeling any better at all?"

Capturing the woman's hand, Cosima nodded. "Yes a little but not much. What do you mean is this a documentary?"

"Je sais pas." Delphine gave her a confused look with a shrug. "It looks like a documentary. Is it not?" She touched the blanked. "Are you still getting chills?"

"Forget the flu…" Cosima turned to look at the woman to see if she was joking or not. "You don't know what shark week is?"

Looking between the paused TV and the brunette, Delphine shrugged. "No but I think you will tell me now."

"Oh my god." Cosima held up a hand as she got into a more comfortable position. "I need a moment to gather."

Delphine couldn't stop herself from smiling at the brunette's serious expression. "Do not take too long. I think that shark is going to eat that man."

"Shark week." Cosima wiped at her nose with a tissue. "It's basically an annually amazing week long celebration of everything shark." She grinned. "It's an entire week of documentaries and specials about different species of sharks and shark attack reenactments and scientists monitoring sharks."

Delphine loved the way the woman gestured frantically with her hands as she spoke, trying to express a million thoughts at once. "So…it's an entire week of different shows?"

Cosima nodded. "Yes."

"And it's all about sharks?"


Delphine nodded and stood up. "OK."

Blinking, Cosima was taken aback by the sudden movement. "Where are you going?"

"To change out of my work clothes." She leaned over the woman, quickly stealing a kiss.

Cosima pulled back after a few seconds passed. "I'm going to get you sick."

Delphine kissed her again before heading to the bedroom. "Good. Then we will both get to stay home all week and watch the fishes."

"Sharks!" Cosima called after her, her whole face taken over by a bright smile as she felt a million times better than she did a few minutes ago.

Chapter 2: What a difference a year makes

A year ago this month, I started an account on . It was the first time I ever posted my fanfic publicly and it has been an amazing year. So in honor of that, I'm adding another chapter to this fic, one year later. Sorry I don't speak french. Blame google for any errors.

Cosima closed the door quietly as she entered the apartment. She was exhausted from a full day of lab work but she didn't want to disrupt the household. She could hear a low talking coming from the living room and she set her stuff down, still getting used to their new apartment even after moving in several months previous. Most of the lights were turned off and as she neared the source of the talking, she saw the flickering, obviously from the TV.

"Le requin est très effrayant." A soft voice spoke from the couch, drawing Cosima's attention. While she wasn't quite fluent in French, she was beginning to gain more and more understanding of the language.

Delphine was sitting cross legged on the couch, her hair pulled up into a ponytail, whispering softly to the bundle in her arms. "Cet homme est un imbécile stupide pour se mettre en watter." She spoke a little too cheerfully for the fact that she was currently watching a man being attacked by a shark on the TV.

Cosima rose an eyebrow, recognizing the words for stupid and idiot. "What are you teaching her?"

Jumping just slightly, Delphine cast a guilty look up at the brunette. "Bienvenue maman de la maison." She spoke, tilting the bundle towards Cosima.

"You're going to give her nightmares." Cosima sat down on the couch beside the blonde, grinning as the bundle was deposited into her lap and grey eyes looked up at her. "Hi Sweetie. Is Maman scaring you with shark week?" The past month she had been surprised how much the infant would sleep, and was glad she seemed fully awake at the moment, her tiny eyes darting everywhere.

Delphine shifted her position, leaning her head against the woman's shoulder. "She is only 1 month old, mon amour. She cannot see the TV. It is just shapes and blurs."

Brushing her lips over the full cap of blonde hair, Cosima smiled. Felix had offered to be the father, but Cosima had refused and Delphine had just shrugged. She had wanted a little Delphine running around with hazel eyes and blonde hair, something that would be an almost genetic impossibility if Felix had been the father, and that was just what she got. She had no doubt the grey eyes would eventually take on the green and gold tint of her lover's eyes, adding to the hair and facial features. Even their daughter's ears were the same as her mother's. "You're smarter than all the other 1 month olds, aren't you Angelique?" Cosima spoke softly, getting rewarded with a gummy smile and a waving fist. "Yeah you're my little genius, aren't you?"

With a roll of her eyes, Delphine pulled the nearby throw over her legs, her energy still not fully back which she was sure was the fault of her being home all day. "Next one, you get to be the stay at home mom and I get to go to work."

Cosima smiled at the blonde, leaning toward her for a slow and leisure kiss. "Ok." She wasn't going to mention the fact that Delphine needed the time to heal and deal with all the feedings, something Cosima would never know about. She didn't want to dig up those ghosts again and instead just went along with the blonde's impossible requests. "Wait till she gets to her terrible twos, see if you want another kid then."

With a content sigh, Delphine looked at their offspring who was tugging on one of Cosima's dreads, just as enamored by the brunette as Delphine was. How could she not want half a dozen children? Maybe she could convince Cosima to let Felix be the donor next time.

"Can you say Sphyrna mokarran?" Cosima asked, watching the large hammerhead swim across the screen. "They're very dangerous which is why we only go near them at the aquarium."

What a difference a year made. A new apartment in a new city closer to Cosima's siblings. A new job for both of them whenever Delphine came off her maternity leave. So many new things...except shark week. Delphine almost laughed at the absurdity as she watched one of the attack victims explaining his wounds. If she closed her eyes, she could almost imagine Cosima and her sitting curled up on the couch, three maybe four children sitting on the floor watching a special about discovering the newest species of shark, Cosima quizzing them on the scientific names of each one. She had a feeling there would always be shark week.

Chapter 3: Destined for Science

Hey all, this is my yearly update for this fic. Next month is my second year publishing stories and it's been a wild ride. Shark week was a little earlier this year which is why this fic is early, which I guess timeline wise isn't too bad. This takes place about 5 years after the last chapter.

Cosima grunted as she closed the box of the half eaten cake, red velvet crumbs mixed in with the blue and gray icing. She quickly tucked it into the fridge along with the leftovers from the party.

"Merde!" Delphine cursed, entering the room limping, setting a toy shark on the counteri. "This is your fault you know."

"What's my fault?" Cosima laughed, tossing the toy that was smudged with icing in the sink along with what was left of the dirty serving dishes. "And how is it my fault?"

Delphine scrunched her nose, shoving a ball of squashed streamers in the trash. "You are the one that turned my precious angel into a shark-obsessed monster."

Her tongue poking out from between her teeth, Cosima laughed. "Hey, if memory suits me, you were the one sitting in front of a TV 5 years ago making her watch shark week." Hooking her finger into the waist of the blonde's jeans, she pulled their bodies together, moving an arm around the tall neck. "Come on, D. She loves sharks almost as much as you love biology. She's totally going to be a scientist... maybe just not a lab one."

"With our luck she's going to skip the science part and go straight to the adventurist adrenaline junkie part." Delphine grumbled, her arms wrapping around the woman's waist on habit. She leaned down and pressed her lips against the brunette's, getting a surprised squeak from the woman before the shorter form melted against her. She spent a long moment, enjoying the gentle exploration, parenthood having limited the amount of time they were able to just...

"Mommy?" A small voice came from the door, startling both women.

Cosima was always quicker at recovering than her wife and she pulled away, licking her lips. "Hey, Angel. Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?"

Rubbing her eyes, the girl shrugged. "I can't find my shark."

"Oh no!" Cosima picked the girl up easily, settling her on her hip and reaching up to push a blonde curl behind the small ear. "I can help you find it but, you're going to have to be a little bit more specific, kid. You've got more sharks than the Pacific Ocean!"

The girl laughed. "Non!"

"Oui!" Cosima argued, winking at Delphine before carrying the girl upstairs.

Delphine blew out a long breath, fanning the heat from her cheeks before quickly cleaning up the rest of the kitchen. She knew Cosima would be a while putting their daughter back to sleep so she decided a shower was in order once clean up was done, heading up to their room. She could hear Cosima reading a story as she walked by and smiled. The past five years had been a definite adventure with her two favorite girls, nothing like clones and government secrets, but in it's own way, and now that they were just months away from Angelique starting school, she couldn't help but wonder what things were going to be like.

She hadn't ever imagined that she would be a stay-at-home mother and enjoy it. She was raised distant from her own parents, shipped off to boarding school as soon as she was old enough. She grew up cold and self-sufficient, an independent woman in an industry tailored for men. She had worked long and hard for her doctorate and her position, but the moment Angelique was born, everything had changed. Five years and she'd cherished every minute of staying home with their offspring. Now, she was faced with a dilemma. Should she go out and get a job? She was more than capable of that... or...

Delphine bit her bottom lip as she stepped into the shower, the hot water pouring over her body and her hands following the wet rivers. She looked down with a clinical eye, noting the small changes that had happened. Her breasts had gotten larger with pregnancy and remained just a bit larger than normal even after she'd stopped. It had taken her months to get rid of the baby body, but she'd managed to tone her belly to almost the same as it was before, no stretch marks thanks to Cosima's liberal lotion applications. She remembered the feel of her swollen stomach, the small kicks and flips. Angelique had been far from a difficult pregnancy and even more of a treasure to raise the past five years. What if...

"What are you thinking about?" Cosima's voice sounded as the shorter woman stepped into the shower, her arm moving to circle Delphine's waist.

"Nothing." Delphine responded quickly, maybe a little too quickly.

Slipping around in-front of the blonde, Cosima gave her a worried look. "Hey... what's going on?"

Delphine shook her head, feeling completely ridiculous when she felt the sting of tears. "It's silly..."

Cosima gave her a comforting smile. "Hey... come on. You and I are like the masters of silly." She reached up to run her fingers through wet curls, gently scratching the woman's scalp. "What's up?"

With a shrug, Delphine slipped her arm around the brunette's waist, pulling her closer. "Time is going by so quickly. She's going to school and I'm going to miss her... soon she'll be making friends and staying over at other people's houses and next thing we know she's going to be a teenager and hating us and..." She shook her head again. "I guess... I'm just not ready to stop being with her all day..."

"Awww." Cosima squeezed the woman, resting her ear against Delphine's chest. "You know she loves you so much... and we're pretty awesome. I don't think she's going to hate us. I mean, I didn't hate my parents and we're certainly not shipping her off to boarding school." She laughed when that got her a pinch in the said. "Hey! But seriously, Babe, I know we were talking about home schooling. If you really want to..."

Delphine shook her head. "Non. You were right. She needs the socialization." She sighed, biting her bottom lip, not sure if she should pose the question or not... They had joked before about another child, but that was years ago.

Cosima trailed her fingers up the woman's side, tipping her head back to see a contemplative look on the blonde's face. She couldn't help brushing her lips over the woman's jaw, smiling as lips moved down to meet her own in a gentle intimacy she had become familiar with. With a soft chuckle, she backed the woman into the wall, feeling the reflexive twitch as the blonde felt the cold tiles. Her hand slipped down the center of the woman's body, stopping on her abdomen. "You want another baby." It wasn't a question, it didn't need to be. She knew her wife. A grin spread across her face slowly at the blonde's nod. "You know, you were so hot when you were pregnant." Slipping her hand lower, she chuckled. "Not that you aren't always hot."

A soft groan escaped Delphine's lips as fingertips pressed closer, teeth nibbling a path down her throat. She was pretty sure this was Cosima saying yes, sure that the brunette liked the idea as much as she did, but she needed confirmation. "Is... is that a yes?"

Cosima chuckled against her collarbone. "I'd love that." Gently biting the soft flesh of the woman's shoulder, she looked up to find hazel eyes watching her closely. "I think we should try right now..."

Delphine's brows shot up. "What?" Her laughter turned to a groan as fingers shifted...

"No really." Cosima nipped the blonde's pulse-point. "I'm sure I could get you pregnant... the old fashion way. I say we try... even if it takes all night."