Title: Probably Cleaner
Category: TV Shows » Orphan Black
Author: OTP324B21
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Humor/General
Published: 04-09-14, Updated: 04-09-14
Chapters: 1, Words: 532

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Their lips just barely an inch apart, Cosima smiled as the blonde began to exhale and she expertly breathed in, her lungs filling with the warm and earthy smoke. Doing her best to hold the breath in, she placed a tender kiss at the corner of a smile, her legs tossed over the taller form as they shared the love seat. Her lungs were burning and she turned to exhaled, wrinkling her nose at the taste it always left in her mouth. A gentle tug on one of her dreads and she smiled brightly, turning back to meet waiting lips in an eager kiss.

"Get a fucking room, you two." Dropping her schoolbag on the floor, Sarah dropped into a sitting position before laying back, throwing her arm over her face. "Shit guys, I think I'm failing."

Looking up from her homework, Alison shook her head. "Stop skipping class." She emphasized the statement by pointing her pencil at the girl.

"I can help you with your biology homework." Cosima was curled against the blonde, not looking at the gathering group but instead watching her fingers tracing the slim fingers of her girlfriend.

Delphine held the joint in her free hand, passing it to Sarah who gladly accepted it. She leaned closer to Cosima's ear, whispering so no one else would hear.

A grin worked its way across Cosima's face as she brought the blonde's fingers to her lips, kissing the fingertips.

"Can you guys cut that out." Beth shook her head, trying not to be distracted by the palpable sexual tension in the room. "I'm trying to figure this bullshit out." She stabbed at her calculator with the eraser side of her pencil. "I'm never going to use this shit in real life."

"Number 7 is really crazy. Let me know if you need help." Alison commented, her eyes lingering on the struggling girl's face until she looked up and smiled in acknowledgement.

Sarah looked over at the pair on the chair, rolling her eyes. "Every time they get high..." She shook her head, the joint hanging from her lips as she pulled out her phone to read the message that had alerted her. "Shit guys...Mrs. S won't let Helena take the car this weekend." She angrily typed a response, hoping to offer at least a few rebuttals for her twin to use in the argument. "Fucking Rachel probably ratted us out for last weekend. How are we supposed to get to the show?"

"We could catch a train."

There was a sudden silence in the group as they all turned to Beth, looks ranging from contemplative on Sarah's face to complete horror on Alison's face.

"Dude, no way." Cosima spoke, giving the group a disbelieving look. "That's where people get mugged." She turned to Delphine who had a smirk on her lips. "Besides, Delphine has a car, remember." She slipped her hands into the blonde's hoodie, the warmth intensifying as she got closer to skin. "It has a really big back seat." She commented, leaning forward for another kiss.

Three faces cringed in an identical response.

"Ew." Sarah responded verbally.

"Train's probably cleaner." Beth commented under her breath, smiling at Alison.