Title: Pious Tendancies
Category: TV Shows » Orphan Black
Author: OTP324B21
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Romance/General
Published: 06-06-14, Updated: 06-06-14
Chapters: 1, Words: 523

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Lips...it was definitely lips. Delphine felt consciousness tugging at the corner of her mind, pulling her out of a pleasant dream of puppies and picnics. She was very sure there were lips brushing over her back, the warm breath brushing against her skin as kisses were placed in a seemingly random pattern. She hummed softly in delight, having been laying on her stomach and turning just ever so slightly to find bare skin a slight shade darker than her own and dreads ghosting against her shoulder as another kiss was placed closer to the center of her back. "Cosima?"


The word was breathed against her skin, and Delphine was finding herself wondering how it was possible to get chills from the heated air. Another kiss was accompanied by the tip of a tongue caressing her skin and her fingers clenched around the pillowcase. "What are you doing?"

There is a pause before lips brush her shoulder. "Praying."

Delphine's brows furrow. She knows that Cosima is an atheist. "Who are you praying to?" There's a pause as lips touch the center of her back and she can just imagine the lips forming a smile.

"The universe."

Another kiss, but this one is closer to her ear and she feels a strong finger pressing against her back, tracing a seemingly random path. She can't help but smile because she knows the brunette is probably still high from that joint she smoked before bed. She can see the time on the alarm clock beside the bed and she knows it's only been a couple hours. So why was she up in the middle of the night? "I don't think the universe accepts prayers through my back." That's definitely a smile she feels against her lower back.

"You're wrong." The bed shifts as Cosima moves closer, the heat of her bare skin setting Delphine's body on fire. "Your back is my universe...each spot is a star in the constellation that tells the story of our love." She whispers it, as if speaking too loudly will ruin the moment.

Delphine pushed herself onto her elbows, getting a clear look at the shorter woman's face. There she sees a glazed over expression, but also accompanied by love and Delphine is pulled in to join their lips. "You are so baked...Enough praying, mon amour." She mumbles as she rolls onto her back and finds her body suddenly covered by the woman's, her waist straddled by strong thighs and lips that broke off from her own, traveling down her neck.

"But the front of your body has its own constellation of stars." Cosima whispers, brushing her lips over a nipple. "One definitely worth praying to..." She moves up again until her eyes are just inches from Delphine's, glossy and dilated but still so full of life. "...worth worshipping." She adds with a soft kiss.

Delphine can't stop herself from arching into the woman, caressing a warm cheek with her hand. "Then by all mean, I won't stop you from your prayers." She's smiling because even if her lover is high, Delphine is not one to deny Cosima her pious tendencies.