Title: Extra Credit
Category: TV Shows » Orphan Black
Author: OTP324B21
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/General
Published: 01-11-15, Updated: 01-11-15
Chapters: 1, Words: 605

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Imagine a world in which Delphine is Cosima's professor and has some heated words to say in dispute of a lower grade.

"Are you kidding me?" The front door slammed shut, letting in a tiny whirlwind of fury.

Trying not to start laughing, Delphine reached over the stove and turned off the pot, setting the spoon on the edge so as not to drip marinara anywhere. She grabbed her glass of wine and turned to welcome the ball of rage with a smile. "Welcome home, mon amour."

"Oh don't you even." Cosima dropped her bag on the table, lifting a set of stapled together papers. "Are you kidding me with this?" She stopped just an inch from the blonde, the paper still raised.

Looking at the paper that had a B- circled with a red marker, and then back to the brunette, Delphine rose her eyebrows, trying to fight back the smirk she felt bubbling up inside her. "I'm sorry. Do you a problem with my grading?" She gently tugged the paper from the student's hand, letting her eyes drift over it. "Surely you are not objecting to my very fair and very un-biased grading of a subject matter in which you haven't studied for in over a month let alone have any grounds to battle said grade as one of your answers pertaining to white blood cells was a picture you drew of Osmosis Jones."

Cosima's eyes narrowed. "Have you even seen Osmosis Jones? It's a totally relevant answer!"

Setting the papers aside, Delphine took a sip of wine. She could see the fury in those dark hazel eyes and she wanted nothing more than to pull the woman into a kiss. "I am an immunologist. Of course I have seen it. That does not make it an acceptable answer, Cosima." She set the glass down. "You are not in kindergarten. It was an essay question so nothing less than an essay answer would be accepted, ma cherie."

"Don't 'ma cherie' me. You totally gave me a B-. I'm a straight A student!"

"Then act like it!" Delphine shouted back.

Stepping back in surprise, Cosima's eyes doubled in size.

Biting her bottom lip, Delphine stepped forward to close the distance, her fingers capturing the loops of the shorter woman's courduroys, pulling her close. "Sorry." She leaned forward, kissing the corner of Cosima's mouth, feeling the muscles twitch up into a smile. "I didn't mean to yell...even though you were definitely yelling first." She whispered, her hands sliding around to pull the smaller form tighter against her. "You are quite infuriating at times."

Cosima nipped at the soft lips, pulling back when they pressed forward for an attempted kiss."Aggressive Delphine is kinda hot." She responded as she moved lower, nuzzling the blonde's neck and admiring the woman's decision to slip into a tank top. Her own hands slipped up denim covered thighs and began to unfasten the button fly. "About that B..." As her hands caressed soft skin, she grinned. "Surely there's...extra credit...of sorts..." She nipped the soft skin of a pale shoulder. "What can a lowly student do to raise her grade...Dr. Cormier?"

Delphine shuddered, her hands coming up to caress the soft skin of Cosima's cheeks. "Merde." She leaned forward, crushing their lips together and muffling the brunette's giggle. Discarded clothes formed a trail straight to the couch where Delphine found herself pinned beneath a determined form. She whimpered softly as fingers and a hot tongue claimed her body.