Title: The Doughnut!
Category: TV Shows » Orphan Black
Author: OTP324B21
Language: English, Rating: Rated: K
Genre: Humor/Romance
Published: 04-25-14, Updated: 04-25-14
Chapters: 1, Words: 556

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

"Shit..." Cosima was laying upside down on the couch, her legs dangling off the back. "Delphine?" She killed the joint she had been smoking, waving away the cloud of smoke.

Looking up from the notes she was typing, Delphine rose an eyebrow, amused by the woman's position. "Cosima?"

Struggling to sit up, Cosima walked unsteadily to the table, all the blood rushing from her head to the rest of her body. "Do we have any doughnuts left?"

Hazel eyes peeked up from behind the laptop screen again. "Non. You ate them all." She pointed at the doughnut box that was nothing but chocolate sprinkles and cracked sugar.

"But..." Cosima stopped at the woman's side, noticing the doughnut sitting daintily on the small plate beside Delphine's coffee. "Are you going to eat that one?"

Her eyes darting between the cruller and the look on Cosima's eyes, Delphine pushed the plate further away. "Oui I do plan on eating that."

Biting her bottom lip, Cosima walked her fingertips up the woman's bicep, drawing light patterns on her skin. "But...I'm hungry."

Delphine sat back in her chair, turning towards the woman. "Cosima...you are going to make yourself sick to your stomach. You already at the other 5 we bought."

Poking out her bottom lip, Cosima eased her way between Delphine and the table. "But they weren't as pretty as your doughnut." She casually reached for the plate.

Moving quickly, Delphine grabbed the pastry and rolled backwards. "Non. This is my breakfast, ma cherie."

Her eyes narrowing, Cosima ungracefully hopped at the blonde.

Sensing the woman's movements, Delphine quickly stood up, a grunt leaving her as she held her ground and the shorter form ran into her. "Cosima..." She fought to keep the smile off her face as she held the pastry up and out of the woman's reach.

"Sharing is caring." Cosima grunted as she tried to reach the doughnut.

Delphine couldn't stop from laughing, her nose crinkling in delight as she held the woman at bay with her free hand. "Heed your own advice."

Deciding on a new tactic, Cosima switched her attacks from wild swings, to gentle caresses. She slipped a hand under the woman's tank top, traveling the expanse of pale skin. "I'll make it worth your while."

Her arm trembling, Delphine resisted the urge to give in. "I will not sell myself to you for a doughnut."

"But you're not." Cosima stood on her tiptoes, brushing her lips along the woman's throat. "You're not selling. You're buying." She ran her fingertips up the extended arm, trying to coax it to come down. "Just...give me the doughnut."

Knowing her resolve was failing, Delphine did the only thing she could think of. Taking a step back, she forced the doughnut into her mouth.

In a state of mixed confusion and disbelief, Cosima watched with a half smile as the blonde fought to get the entire pastry into her mouth. It took a few moments but Cosima was mesmerized as the blonde, with cheeks puffed out full of doughnut looked at her with a triumphant look. "Dude."

Delphine coughed slightly as she realized she now had a mouthful of doughnut.

"Ok, that was hotter than it really should have been." Cosima moved to her toes again, kissing the blonde's barely closed lips, tasting the crumbled sugar on them.